My passion is to work with people who inspire me. I am driven to develop their human potential. By stimulating innovation within all layers of an organisation, I achieve growth and maximise impact

Giovanni Beatrice

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My background

I was born in Italy and brought up in the Netherlands where I have worked in fashion for over 25 years building up a large international network. Thinking in terms of opportunities has helped me develop my knowhow across the entire supply chain of the garment industry. I spot market trends and innovations and work with brands and manufacturers to convert these developments into routes for differentiation and profitable market share growth.

I love being involved in business development within emerging countries like Myanmar and Ethiopia. It gives me first hand knowledge to be able to support brands looking for supply partners. I collaborate with NGOs to ensure the commercial relevance of transformation projects. I have found it is a great way to transfer my practical experience to support people and help grow their communities, as well as strengthening their organisations.


Why Forward in Fashion

Given relentless price pressure, meeting ever-tighter industry standards is a major challenge. Low wages, GSP and duty free access dominates current sourcing strategies. As the garment manufacturing world is getting smaller and more transparent, it is my belief that brands need diversified sourcing portfolios, taking advantage of the unique advantages of each location to differentiate their offer.

Equally it is no longer enough for manufacturers simply to offer a great product at the right price. It’s also critical for suppliers to demonstrate that their organisation and total supply chain is capable of meeting a brand’s standards of quality and compliance and their need for a unique selling proposition.

Building a organisation which continues to achieve success over time is a challenge we all face and this is where Forward in Fashion can help. We turn a problem into an opportunity which will result in a unique selling point. As we see diversifying as the only sustainable way to compete, we focus on stimulating innovation within all the layers of your organisation to help you drive future growth.

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