Fashion has the potential to generate wealth and well being at the grass roots of developing economies by connecting them with global markets.

Mirvette Russo

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My background

Being the link between factories and global brands, I represent each others’ needs in order to find mutually acceptable solutions. I co-ordinate international teams in delivering the full product life cycle from design and innovation to maximising sales and managing stocks through to final clearance. I lead on scoping projects, stakeholder engagement, work on due diligence and develop investment proposals in emerging sources. I liaise with governments to promote constructive trade policies in particular duty free access to EU markets.

Throughout my 25 year experience I have discovered the constant theme is rigorous analysis, creative problem solving and good honest communication.

Why Forward in Fashion

Today, supply chains are under pressure to deliver flexibility and value without compromising on quality. Equally, brands are subject to increasing scrutiny to be transparent, ethical and sustainable whilst delivering profitable growth in markets where overall demand is often flat. So, I see an urgent need for a fresh approach. I am excited that Forward in Fashion can help because we have a clear understanding of business drivers and commercial objectives of all players in the supply chain. We also have an absolute respect for the welfare of the individual, the community and the environment. By looking at issues holistically, we can work with you to recreate a profitable, sustainable supply chain.

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