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Areas of expertise

Building Export capability

We find out from stakeholders what the main supply chain constraints are. We can then reliably identify what is going to make the difference. We develop informed interventions which will bring about lasting transformation. In Myanmar one of the biggest issues for manufacturers wanting to export as access to finance to support essential FOB terms (free on board) terms instead of CMP (cut make and pack). Through the MEMA programme, we persuaded a co-operative of local factories to place raw material orders collectively. We secured the support of a major supplier of fabric & trims which enabled local factories to get affordable credit terms and begin offering buyers a complete service. We also coached MEMA participants in the necessary skills of merchandising, materials scheduling and procurement to ensure positive outcomes.

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We have found this model, which harnesses the power of the collective, to be highly transferable and we are in the process of collaborating in a similar way in the Ethiopian leather industry. 

Enhancing competitive edge

In mature markets where competition is intensifying, brands need to optimise their supply base in order to maintain their competitive edge. The capability and accessibility of manufacturing locations change rapidly creating new opportunities for brands to differentiate their product offer.Forward in fashion helps by ensuring a brand’s sourcing policy is still aligned to the goals of the business and achieves the best fit in terms of innovation, quality, value and risk.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Forward in Fashion works with international organisations to develop strategies for sales growth based on identifying their USP and getting the message out to the market. We devise structures and implementation plans to deliver the targeted sales.  Through master classes we coach the team on how to attract new customers and convert interest into confirmed orders.

Innovation Hub

Forward in Fashion is a centre for creative thinking believing that innovation is the life blood of the fashion industry. The challenge is to spot the innovation which best fits your brand and to customise it before your competitors do. We can help you with this important challenge and broker relationships with leaders in the field.

Worker livelihoods

Forward in Fashion facilitates communication amongst all participants in the supply chain with a focus on improving the livelihoods of the workers. We demonstrate that with an innovative perspective and greater transparency, we can bring about improved mutual understanding. This allows supply chains to become more agile whilst simultaneously enhancing the social impact for workers, their families and entire communities.

Women’s empowerment

Women have long been recognised as change agents within society. Forward in Fashion runs week long courses coaching creativity and entrepreneurial skills, boosting confidence amongst local women. Our participants have described feeling more confident and better equipped to apply for a job, and to take on increased responsibility across many sectors from micro finance, agriculture and in manufacturing. Currently running in Myanmar with plans to scale this up across other developing countries. 

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