Forward in Fashion is a collective of fashion specialists, founded and led by Serge and Giovanni, two experts with extensive experience across every stage of the ready-to-wear supply chain.

Guided by our individual passions, we have developed distinct yet complimentary expertise and skills.  As team players, and through our methodologies, we demonstrate that collaboration and a multi-perspective approach is not only effective but also critical to ensuring a future for the industry that is both profitable and sustainable.

Given relentless price pressure, meeting ever-tighter industry standards is a major challenge for both brands and manufacturers. As the garment-manufacturing world is becoming smaller and more transparent, it is our belief that brands need diversified, sustainable sourcing portfolios, taking advantage of the unique position of each location to differentiate their offer.

Equally, it is no longer enough for manufacturers simply to offer a great product at the right price. Suppliers must demonstrate that their organization, and entire supply chain, is capable of meeting a brand’s standards of quality and compliance as well as its need for a unique selling proposition.

We approach these challenges as opportunities, with a unique combination of creative flair and analytical rigour.  We are enthusiastic, friendly, honest, realistic and passionate about helping businesses become more successful