Having spent the better part of two decades managing offshore production units supplying some of the industry’s most progressive brands, it was a natural progression for me to further specialise in quality & chemical management, compliance and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

From risk reduction and pre-compliance to beyond-compliance and strategic integration, I help companies at all stages of their sustainability journey to create impactful, lasting change.

I am passionate about working toward a cleaner, safer textile industry.  I believe that it is only through engagement at each stage of the supply chain and at all levels of an organization that this can truly be achieved.  My experience enables me to view industry challenges from multiple perspectives and I have successfully trained a wide range of individuals and organizations.  My extensive professional network includes European importers, brands, wholesalers and retailers as well as tier 1 and 2 manufacturers across Asia, the Middle East and South America.

Backed by a thorough understanding of production processes, my hands on approach ensures that the systems and solutions I design are workable for all supply chain partners involved in implementing them whilst delivering measurable results for clients.

When working with manufacturers, I encourage them to view quality and CSR in terms of opportunity. I empower them not only to reduce risk but also to save costs and grow sales.

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