A community of apparel industry experts

We work with the private sector, development agencies, government and NGOs to create transformational and profitable change across the apparel value chain.

We work with manufacturers

We support and coach manufacturers to open doors, increase their export market share and build a sustainable business

We work with brands and retailers

We help brands to optimise their supply chains and balance their profitability with CSR

We work with NGOs, agencies, governments and the private sector

We lead and contribute to projects that deliver impactful, lasting change within the apparel industry

We harness the power of the collective

We are a community of fashion experts with extensive experience across every stage of the ready-to-wear apparel supply chain

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Giovanni Beatrice and Serge Léon

"Differentiation is the only sustainable way to compete. Companies need to stimulate innovation within all layers of the organization to help drive future growth"

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