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CSR & Sustainability

Forward in Fashion’s work in the area of CSR & Sustainability helps brands, manufacturers and their supply chains to become more agile and responsive whilst simultaneously enhancing the social impact for workers, their families and entire communities.


We do this by engaging participants across the supply chain, encouraging transparency and improving knowledge, processes and skills from the design stage through to product development and production.


Designers need to consider not only trends, costing efficiencies and material synergies but also the sustainability impact of their choices. An understanding of legislation and accreditation is becoming as important for market positioning as price and quality. Marketers should understand how – and to what extent – compliance, accreditation and sustainability impact the decisions of buyers. Factory Directors should be able to design and prioritise factory-based environmental and social initiatives based not only on legislative requirements but also on an understanding of their target buyers’ non-legislative requirements, objectives and policies.


Read about specific training programmes in this area here.

Chemical management

Our chemical management solutions enable brands and manufacturers to develop and maintain supply chains that adhere to the strictest requirements, deliver safer products and ensure brand protection.


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EU export readiness

Forward in Fashion has worked on a number of projects and programmes whose objective is to prepare manufacturers in emerging markets for a successful transition from CMP to FOB export business to the EU. A major part of this work involves educating them on EU market requirements and working with them to identify changes needed to meet organisational and manufacturing standards essential for compliance. Our “Roadmap” tool has proven to be very successful in identifying required improvements and practical steps (along with associated measurables) and monitoring progress and impact over the project period and beyond.

Empowerment of women

In recognition of the role of women as agents of social and economic change, Forward in Fashion runs courses coaching local women in developing countries in creativity, personal development and entrepreneurial skills. We equip participants with the confidence and entrepreneurial attitude to apply for jobs and/or take on increased responsibility in a variety of sectors.

Sustainable innovation network

Forward in Fashion has positioned itself as a hub for creative ideas and innovation. Through our extensive network, we help our clients stay at the forefront of relevant industry trends and developments. We translate innovative concepts into quality final products and collections that are on-brand, profitable and sustainably produced.


We also work with accelerator programs such as Fashion for Good to support and mentor innovative start-ups in the fields of sustainability and circularity, helping them to develop their business and match them to the right partners.

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