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Matchmaking Events & Services

We attribute our success in matchmaking first and foremost to a commitment to constant networking and an ability to think in terms of opportunities. Through rigorous research we consistently achieve a high degree of fit between matched parties and/or proposed solutions.


Through our matchmaking events, we have assisted over 150 European importers to establish successful business relationships with manufacturers from China, South East Asia and the Middle East. Importers range from small and medium sized mid-market and premium brands to larger importers and represent a wide variety of products.

Export capability building programmes

Forward in Fashion has extensive experience working on projects focused on building export capabilities of SMEs in developing countries. A major common challenge these SMEs face, beyond identifying and contacting suitable potential partners, is presenting themselves in a way that will successfully convey their values and capabilities. For this reason, our matchmaking services constitute just one aspect of a wider programme which includes helping companies to develop and implement their sales and marketing, product development, quality, compliance and/or sustainability strategies.

Mentoring start-ups

We work with accelerator programmes to support and mentor innovative startups in the fields of sustainability and circularity. We help to bridge the industry-specific knowledge gap that inevitably exists between these (mainly) tech startups and their target users by supporting them in the development of their concepts and matching them to the right partners. In this way, we help them to scale their business.


A happy by-product of our involvement in these programmes is the ability to keep abreast of new developments in supply chain-improving technologies, which in turn stimulates our passion for connecting businesses with ideas.


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