Building sustainable businesses

Strategy Development

Our approach to strategy development is rooted in the concept of co-creation: strategies are translated into roadmaps, alongside managers and employees to ensure buy-in and commitment to positive change. Through this process, crucial insights are gained that influence resource allocation, activity development and skills development within the entire organisational structure.


In short, we help companies make better decisions so that they can achieve long term objectives and maximise profitability.


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Sales & marketing strategy

We work with international manufacturers to develop individual strategies for sales growth based on identifying and developing their unique selling point (USP) and communicating it successfully to the market. Through master classes, we coach teams on how to open doors to new customers and convert leads into confirmed orders.


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Export strategies

We investigate the challenges and obstacles faced by Exporters by interviewing factories and other stakeholders across the supply chain. In this way, we develop informed interventions and specialised programmes that will create lasting transformation at lower risk for manufacturers.

Production & process improvement

We work with companies to identify and implement process improvements that increase efficiency throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Our methods enable clients to reduce cost, minimise response time, maximise profitability, increase speed to market and create the flexibility needed to secure competitiveness.

Sourcing & supply chain optimisation

We have successfully assisted brands to optimise their sourcing strategy and production landscape in order to achieve a range of corporate objectives from capacity growth to sustainability to speed to market. We support them in sourcing and developing a network of reliable suppliers across a wide range of product groups and work with suppliers to ensure compliance with company standards.

Global emerging markets

In mature markets where competition is intense, companies look to emerging markets to maintain their competitive edge. We help brands to take advantage of these opportunities whilst minimising risk and protecting brand integrity.

Product & service development

Through our extensive network, we help our clients stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments. We support them to translate innovative concepts into quality products and collections that are on-brand, profitable and sustainably produced.

Corporate social responsibility

We work with brands, retailers, manufacturers and their supply chains to incorporate principles of sustainability, accountability and transparency into each stage of the product lifecycle, from concept through to production. Together, we create and implement successful CSR strategies that are aligned with, and contribute to, wider business goals.


We also support participating companies of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT) to meet the social and environmental commitments set out by the initiative.


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Quality management

Forward in Fashion helps organisations achieve the level of excellence necessary to meet, and exceed, customer requirements and expectations.


We assist with the establishment of quality policies and objectives, standards setting, quality planning, resource allocation, standard operating procedures and processes for quality control and quality improvement.

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